“Everybody Lobbies” by Stan and Gail Long is an exceptional straightforward overview of lobbying.  As a C.S.W., I am very interested in lobbying in the venue of public policy, however I had no idea of the internal process of lobbying and the topic seemed obscure and somewhat derogatory to anyone I asked.  Fortunately I purchased “Everybody Lobbies” which gave me a comprehensive insight into lobbying – exactly what I was searching for.  This book covers in detail all of the aspects of lobbying, including governmental legislation procedures, lobbying techniques and even the best language for a lobbyist to use.  It details as well the internal characteristics of a good lobbyist.  “Everybody Lobbies” dispels former theories of lobbying as an unethical profession and instead defines the career, monetary and political success of a lobbyist as one who is impeccably honest and can be trusted by law makers to keep their word.  It is important informationally as it notes that a good lobbyist believes in his or her cause and has passion for it. Additionally, “Everybody Lobbies” goes into intricate detail of how to successfully maintain clients whether one plans to be an independent lobbyist, work for a corporation or non-profit organization.  This book is a must read for anyone interested in breaking into the profession of lobbying.  Moreover, current lobbyists would find it very beneficial because of the intrinsic insight and excellent advice it offers into the art of successful lobbying.   

Jane Taylor C.S.W.   Bountiful, Utah

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