The Citizen Lobbyist

         Why  should someone who is not planning to become a professional lobbyist read EVERYBODY LOBBIES?

  • Do  you live in a neighborhood?
  • Do you have a child in school?
  • Do  you live in  an H.O.A.?
  • Do you work?
  • Do you have a hobby?
  • Do you attend a house of worship?

         If  you answered YES to any of the above, chances are extremely good that you will need to persuade someone  to do something or to stop doing something.  Persuasion is the essence of lobbying

         Effective persuasion is the goal of our book. You may need a stop sign on  your street; you may want to continue or start a special program at  your child’s school; you may want to remodel your house or you may want to change a condition in  your workplace.  You may want access to  an off road location  Your house of worship may want to build or remodel and you are on the building committee.

         In each of the above scenarios and hundreds of others we could have listed, the citizen  lobbyist must persuade a decision-maker that his/her position is the best position.

The Student Lobbist

Everybody Lobbies teaches the skills that make success more probable.

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