The Career  Lobbyist

As in other professions, prepare through study, practice, and on the job training (internship for example) if possible.

Take nothing for granted.   But, good lobbying methods can be learned.  Some newcomers  have learned what successful lobbyists have always known. Others simply guess.

Everybody Lobbies teaches exactly what to do; how to do it;  and when.

Is there a Career Opportunity out there for you?.  
1.      There is a heavy demand for trained lobbyists
2.    Lobbying offers countless opportunities and above average income
3. Basic characteristics are important. 
4. Where you would practice is up to you. Its also your choice
as to the subject matter which interests you.
5.  Interest groups/public and private represent a fertile field
for the  new lobbyist. Many new lobbyists consider representing
trade associations, school districts,  non profit organizations,
and lobbying  for cities or counties

What will be important to you:
Research is likely the most important. 
Research and Organize.
Know what your client wants, establish the goals,
begin the task of gathering data. 
Follow through with constructive homework; be prepared
to present your point of view, both orally and in writing
to the proper officials.

Points to remember

Use your research facilities effectively
Do your homework
Never go before a governing body unprepared
When there, use your listening skills to hear what is being said
Treat decision makers and staff with respect and dignity
Allow room for compromise if necessary
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